Thursday 04 May 2017

Assalamualaykum wrwb Dear parents

Please note madrasah timing is from 4:55 to 7:10 pm.

To improve our learning environment and keep it distraction free. We have decided to implement the following rules after careful consideration / consultation with parents, teachers and education experts.

At 5:05 or earlier students should be in the class.

Between 5:05 to 5:15 student will get the late stamp in their diary.

After 5:15 Madrasa will be Locked and the student will not be allowed to enter. At this stage it is parents responsibility to ensure child is not left outside, but he/she should go home safely.

Only in extreme & valid circumstances with prior notice to our management we can allow a late entry. The reason cannot be valid or used for an ongoing basis.

The reason for this is that in two hours of madrasah – there is at least one salaah and we need to teach the curriculum. A late student is detrimental to other students & effects teaching quality.

Please follow these rules so that the madrasah becomes a productive learning environment and helps your child/students learning.

We thank you for your cooperation & hope this will benefit your child/students very much inshallah.

Jazakallah khair
UKLA madrasah team