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Amaals of the Masjid

Daily Fikr

Daily After Fajr Salaat

Daily Taleem

Winter: Monday and Tuesday after Magrib salaah. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday after Isha salaah

Summer: Monday and Tuesday after Asar salaah. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday after Magrib salaah


Monday to Friday during 4:55PM to 7:10PM. Contact Maulana Mohammed Patel to make an Appointment on 02102532786 for enrollment.

Monday Tafsir Quran & Fiqh

After Maghreb Salaah in Summer and After Isha in Winter by Mufti Irshad Motara

Tuesday Dars-e-Hadith

After Maghreb Salaah in Summer and After Isha in Winter by Maulana Khalil Nadat

Wednesday Weekly Jaula

Winter: Jaula is after Magrib followed by lecture on Iman and Amaal after Isha

Summer: Jaula is after Asar followed by lecture on Imaan and Amaal after Magrib